Our Top Tips for Hearing Your Best This Summer

Are you ready for the sounds of summer? Feel free to enjoy everything you can this year, but don’t forget that some summer sounds can be really loud. Things like fireworks, outdoor concerts, car races, and even your own backyard lawnmower can easily damage your hearing if you don’t take some precautions. But that doesn’t mean you have to miss out. Just remember to grab your towel, sunscreen, and to protect your hearing!

Check out some of the summer sounds that can put you and your loved ones at risk for hearing loss.


We all love fireworks, and you can see displays starting around Memorial Day all the way through Labor Day. We also know they’re noisy, but did you know that the average fireworks display can get as loud as 125 decibels (dB) – which is as loud as a jet taking off. These noise levels are unsafe for anyone, but particularly for young children and infants. When bringing little ones to see fireworks, ensure they have ear protection and that they’re viewing from about half a football field away. Adults should also wear earplugs.

Concerts and sporting events

Outdoor music festivals, baseball games, and concerts are other crowd-friendly summer events. However, these venues can sometimes be even louder than indoor venues because of more people and higher noise levels. At any of these types of events, sound and noise levels can reach 100 dB – comparable to listening to your headphones with the volume turned all the way up. Again, this can be detrimental to your hearing health. Pack appropriate hearing protection for the whole family.

Parades and fairs

Another summer and small-town staple, parades and fairs don’t shy away from loud noises either – marching bands, music and rides, sirens, and loud cars or motorcycles. Parades and carnivals are fun and family-friendly, but small children and infants will need hearing protection. Earplugs are recommended for adults, better safe than sorry.

Cars, motorcycles, and boats

Getting out on the open road or water is another great and relaxing way to spend a summer day. Did you know engine noise can be loud enough to damage your hearing? Whether you’re riding in a convertible, boat, or out on your motorcycle, noise levels can reach 125 dB – like we said earlier, as loud as a commercial jet. Be sure to be mindful of your sound exposure while using these vehicles.

Hearing Care is Health Care™

We hope this blog gets you ready for summer.  We believe that hearing care is health care. Our practice offers Oticon BrainHearingTM technology, which is designed to support the brain’s role in making sense of sound. This means your brain gets the information it needs to make sense of sound.

Find out how we can help you find a hearing aid solution that works best for your unique needs and keeps your hearing health in mind. To schedule an appointment, call 812-273-6262.

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